Fox in a Hole

Sometimes when nothing’s wrong, still gotta getaway
Sing a new song
Wanna feel a change of pace to dream, dream of you
Like a fox in a hole when he hears the hounds
Pins back his ears not a sound
When the hunter and his prey come together on level ground
CH I wanna walk thru streams, feel the sun on my face
I wanna go to a special place you’ve never seen
I wanna die I wanna live, if I really want to give
Something new, when I get back to you
Climbing free over the treeline now
Looking out not a single cloud
Do I really have a reason to complain
When I’m home again

Fox in a Hole
Bm E F# G f# e x 2
Em f# G
D C x 3


Am e a
C e f g f e

Ch x 2


End C D x2 D

© GoHobo