Line by Line

Line by Line(D)

V1 Hillbilly book keeper, let’s just call her Jane
Hillbilly book keeper, never knew her name
But she liked her books, and her looks drove me insane.

V2 Hillbilly book keeper, sure did like her men
All the comings and goings, all the ins and outs
Those ins and outs, I can count from one to ten

Inst Banjo

V3 She drove a rusty pickup truck around town
And everybody’s secrets she found out, there aint no doubt
There aint no hiding from the law when she’s around

CH She likes to know every little detail of your life (Bm E G D)
Line by line in her book. Line by line, line by line
You’re just a detail in her book

V4 With her blonde hair and pale blue eyes, looks like a farming girl
Don’t be deceived my friend, she knows your little game
You’re in the frame, of her beady eye.

V5 She knows about your moonshine, hidden bills, Gambling on the sly, big diamond ring, for a girl who aint your wife Sitting in a condo in your secret life

Line by Line


2 Verses
Bass D a G g A a G

Instr Verse

Bm d f# b f#
E x 4
Bm d f# b f#
E x 4

2 versus
2 versus (Instr)
Chorus x 2


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