Hard Cash

Hard Cash


Looking back I’ve had a helluva life, one thing and another

Made my cash keep it moving around, give some to my mother


Shipping Charlie in a dark green van, farewell across the border

25 kilos on a monthly run, gotta keep the house in order

CH   Had a few drinks, thought about life

All my friends gone and my beautiful wife


I gotta girl and boat, both doing fine, lotta hard cash coming through

Got a beachfront plot in Monaco and a place in Malibu


Got a call on the phone and there’s something wrong

At the Texas borderline…

Someone’s singing and the game is up, gonna do a little time

A D x2
A D x4 inc nanana
C Em C G
Instr on Intro x 4
CH – sung
Intro out on nanana

© GoHobo